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Speak! With R. Stevie Moore

by Jeremy Dubs Presents

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Youniverse 03:05
There's no one else like you/No one in this universe quite like you/It's a miracle, all those spherical worlds inside of you/All your memories, all so unique, are yours to keep/You are their creator and you will keep creating/Don't hold back/It's okay to look back/Your life goes so far back/There's no one in front of you in your way/It's okay to look into the future/It's so far out but there's no such thing as too far out for you/No one in this world or any world knows what you know/Will go where you will go/No one will ever do what you will do/And don't forget the now/Your inner space is outer space/It's whatever space you want it to be/Other dimensions/Higher levels of being/Everything you've been seeing/It's all true/There's nobody else like you/When you were born the universe said, "It's so wonderful. So wonderful that you are here."
C'mon everybody, let's ride toward the sun/Everyone's invited/It can't be undone once you ride toward the sun/Circumnavigating the sun/Love is what we brought with us to the sun/This is just a one way, a one way ticket out/But there are more than a million ways out/Take a ride toward the sun/All of us are on the bus/So c'mon everyone, let's ride toward the sun/So extraordinary it can't be undone/Once you ride toward the sun, take us right toward the sun/We arrive on the sun
Chapter 3 01:47
Welcome to Chapter 3/There is no Chapter 4/After Chapter 3 there is no more/It's the best part/A fresh start/A dream come true for you and me/We are free eternally in Chapter 3 forevermore/I love you/I do/Welcome to Chapter 3/Now we can see that's where we will be forevermore/Remember, my love is true
Music is a vehicle to the stars/Takes me home/Music is a carrier of the soul/Takes me where my body can't go/Music is an elevator of the mind/Lifts me higher every time/Music is a portal to the light or the dark/To the entire spectrum/Music is a capsule of time/Of Mind/Here we are/Here we are in the stars
To find yourself you gotta leave yourself/Take a good look around you/Collect your thoughts to connect the dots/They are the constellations/They are the earth's vibrations/Love is the heart of nature/Man is the messenger/To know your voice you gotta know your silence/You are your best creation/Sometimes the passenger/Other times the driver/It's not your imagination/And man, you gotta be patient/Pain is a part of living/Peace is the destination/And you will find you will lose your mind/You will stumble blind/Space is so big/We are so small/A part of it all/The rise and the fall/The sun and the moon/The Milky Way/We're here to stay/This we pray
All right, good night/Lost in some sky or ocean/I don't know why/I'm a long way from home and I don't know why/I don't even know if I'm alive/All right, good night/Where did we go?/Will we ever know?/We'll never know/No, we won't even know if we've survived/Just like a dream/Just like in a dream/Time just slipped away from me/All right, good night/I'm a long way from home/Such a long way from home
Incarnate with me/Jubilate with me/Celebrate with me our existence/Take form with me/We're as real as can be/Move our bodies to the motion of the ocean and the wind/It's positively alright/Dreams awaiting us tonight for us to give them life and end our strife/Re-awakening/Time has come for me/I'm replenishing/Rejuvenating too/Follow the light all through your life
Theia, you and I created the moon/It certainly was an earth shattering communion/Together we made the moon/Thank you, Theia/I've waited for you here, Theia/Eyes on the stratosphere for Theia/It certainly will be an out of sight reunion/We'll meet again in another celestial fusion/Thank you, Theia/You and I we make the tides come alive/Now my eyes are oceans-wide on the sky/Bless you, Theia/Life is full of amazing wonders and one of them is you, Theia/Thank you, Theia
I'm reaching out as far as I can reach out/I'm calling out to anyone that's listening/We're all walking through cosmic doorways/Trying to unlock them as we go/Realizing one by one they were open all along/I am climbing from plane to plane and I'll keep climbing even after the end/Cuz we're all walking through cosmic doorways/Wondering at the mystery of it all/Trying to put the pieces of the cosmic puzzle together as we're wandering up and down the astral halls/Listen very hard, and I'll listen too/Any moment now we'll be walking through cosmic doorways
Path 02:35
Life on planet Earth/I can't wait for life on planet Earth/It's my destiny/I'm gonna be born, I know it/Gonna be born, I feel it now/Feelin' life on planet Earth/It's calling me back/I'm right on track/I'm on the path/The further you look out in space, the more you will feel out of place in the Universe/But there's a place called Earth/Now I wanna spread the news and I hope to see you there/Death to Birth/Gimme life on planet Earth/I'm coming back/I'm on the path
Art Of Dying 03:09


released November 18, 2017

All songs written by Jeremy Dubs and Speak! With R. Stevie Moore except *Art Of Dying* written by George Harrison.
Engineered by Robert Ives at the Ohm Studio and by R. Stevie Moore in Nashville, TN
Mastered by Jason Lavoie


all rights reserved



Jeremy Dubs Presents Northampton, Massachusetts

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